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My Views On The Issues... Already At City Hall...
1. Integrity must be that one quality on which our foundations are built. Public servants who lack integrity need to find another job. If I am elected, there are many who, based on documentation, I would push to have fired for their actions or inactions in this new building scandal. Breach of public trust is criminal and in my opinion, the case can be made! My files on these matters have already been given to the City of Greater Sudbury Police (Elsner started to look for another job almost right after he received over 2000 pages) and to the Minister of Justice of Canada (over 2 years ago)!

2. Proposed tax increases should only be an option after a serious look at cost cutting and issues with efficiency at Tom Davies Square. Since the "legal department" at CGS made it such that I have been limited to ONE Freedom of Information Request per year, in my opinion, because they were attempting to "stop the bleed" of very damaging information released to me via this process, information revealing a whole lot of problems with "enforcement agencies" and top politicians at municipal, provincial and federal level, until I can have access to "the books", I can't even begin to do a proper evaluation of places to consider cutting, etc. But, as an M.A. in Finance, I doubt I would have much trouble getting "up to speed" in these issues. Also, I am NOT for slush funds. That money belongs to the City to be allocated/tracked properly. I'd rather see that money go to addressing things like flooding issues and/or poor infrastructure issues that have gone on for far too long.

3. No casino. I think they are bad for local economies and cause more problems than they are worth.
4. An Auditor General is a must. This is a difficult job and one where the person in that role can not be easily influenced by top administrators and/or members of council who would rather not see the truth be told. CGS Auditor Brian Bigger was made aware of building scandal issues in 2010! Taxpayers/voters are adults. I am sure they can handle the truth and can provide valuable input as to how to best address difficult issues. When deciding "what to expose", there could be no "expose this but not that". All cards had to be on the table for taxpayers to truly understand the many issues at play. My preference would be for an auditor that is more independent still - one not on city payroll!
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Candidate for MAYOR, Jeanne A. BROHART, M.A. FINANCE