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5. It is my opinion that taxpayers also need to demand accountability of taxpayer funded press. When taxpayer funded press organizations know of such serious issues impacting taxpayers and elections and they allow those issues to be silenced, then, I guess taxpayers don't need to fund "the silent press" either! Do taxpayer funded press organizations not also have a duty to taxpayers when it comes to allowing names on voting ballots that should probably not be there... if taxpayers knew the truth hidden by the "silent press"?

6. Provincial oversight of municipalities, in my opinion, is a must. However, an Ombusdman without the power to sanction - as we have had so far - is worthless. The Ombudsman can not have only "oversight" roles, he must have the authority to sanction. Without specifically outlined duties and powers for sanctioning municipalities found to be violating the law and/or the rights of taxpayers/residents, etc., you only have a "big bad wolf watching but one with no teeth" and no one is afraid of that as I myself personally and painfully learned - the hard way!

7. Infrastructure... a huge investment... yes... but a needed one. Routes that go "around the city" are all fine for traffic flow, however, we should not be putting in place routes that completely by-pass all businesses in the city (i.e., south end). New roadways should flank new businesses and/or provide for proper signage to encourage motorists to stop in
the municipality to spend valuable tourist dollars in restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, etc. Infrastructure that completely by-passes the city and which does not advertise what is available nearby and thus provides little in terms of revenues from users of those roads is not good city planning. Likewise, infrastructure projects that do little more than move mountains - literally - (i.e., Sault Ste Marie exit just outside of Lively) while roads themselves remain in horrible condition should not be undertaken. Northerners do not consider such projects "infrastructure improvements" and the province needs to hear that loud and clear as we push for better ways to spend that money on infrastructure.
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