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Get the word out. Talk to your neighbors. Put this on your Facebook, etc. If you have children, ask them to go down a few streets handing out slips of paper with this website name (WWW.OURSUDBURY.COM) on it. Make this a grassroots election and show all politicians that the determination and the voice of the people is umore powerful than slush funds and that taxpayers will no longer stand by as politicians waste tax dollars and then tell us there is nothing left over for the homeless, the elderly, the disabled, the veterans, etc. As a society, we have a duty to help our fellow man. Help me to help you by getting involved in this election in your little part of the municipality. Send a strong message to all politicians. Right now... I am one person. But, I know I can make a huge difference and so can you. I will run as an Independent because, given my experiences, I simply do not trust our three main parties to do what is right for the people at this time - as horrible as that may sound. If I am seeing "action" in matters pertaining to Greater Sudbury, it is only after 4 long and hard years of fighting and because the government knows there are things about to be disclosed that have the potential to destroy the political career of many an "incumbent".

I will not be accepting "political donations". Tax writeoffs are not without cost (i.e. Free speech v. "Hush Money").
Did I want to have to run for mayor? No. Given the hidden issues, did I feel I had any other choice? No.
Am I prepared to accept the many responsibilities that come with the job? Absolutely!
Do I have all the answers? No. Do I think we can do better and redefine this city? TOGETHER - Definitely!

To help... contact the press (especially taxpayer funded press like CBC) or discuss this online... and ask the press why they are not reporting/disclosing these public safety issues in spite of knowing of them for some time now!!! You can also ask your local police to investigate breach of public trust issues in these matters and/or call the mayor's office to ask why this has yet to be disclosed to taxpayers!
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