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There is simply no way to put this "nicely"... and I am simply not one to beat around the bush... so... here we go...

1. CGS has been caught issuing building permits for homes with major structural defects for at least 9 years... homes that may have walls/roofs subject to collapse.

  1. My truss sales rep/BCIN designer admitted to having done HUNDREDS ALL FRAMED THE SAME
WAY OVER A 9 YEAR PERIOD (which begs the question, how could this have happened???)...

3. The software used in my case is in 550+ truss manufacturing facilities in North America and, in my opinion as a former code tester, it allows for the infiltration of major structural defects in truss design packages. This software is made by Alpine Systems (Division of IL Tool Works), however, my truss sales rep worked for more than one truss company during this 9 year period and so he also made use of software by MiTek (Division of Berkshire-Hathaway - Warren Buffet's company - and they are the global leaders in truss engineering software). So... the problem is massive and that is why so many are attempting to hide these public safety issues and/or prevent the proper criminal investigations... because... in my opinion... the issues/wrongdoing very much appeared to be, in my opinion, pointing right back to regulators and/or enforcement bodies that had a duty to act and, in my opinion, failed to do so!

4. Regulators, including the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA), the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) KNEW they had a problem in truss design software as far back as 2007... when former Attorney General of Ontario, John Gerretsen, was the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. They admitted engineers were sealing drawings without prior review, that truss sales reps were undersizing trusses, and on and on and on...
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