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  1. How can these same "players" (the PEO, the OBOA, the MMAH, the now former Attorney General of Ontario) give us "justice in Elliot Lake" when they themselves may be at the center of a massive building scandal? In my opinion, the entire "Elliot Lake Inquiry" is nothing but a public scam when it comes to getting to "problems with the system" because, if the truth were known, a big part of the "problem", given what I have experienced and documented, appeared to be the regulators and/or enforcement bodies themselves - bodies which fail to act when they have a DUTY to do so in matters of public safety!

6. Tarion also knew of the problems back in 2007... it very much appears, however, that builders (who would be the ones liable for "repairs") were very much "kept in the dark"... allowing potentially thousands of homes across Ontario and Canada to go up with major structural defects as issues were not properly addressed and problems stopped. Problems impacted both Part 9 (small structures) and Part 4 (high occupancy) structures.

7. CGS KNEW it had problems... and rather than address the issues properly, my family was in my opinion, exposed to intimidation tactics, harassment, fraud, falsification of records, lying in affidavits and on and on and on... and as a result, our home and building site have been "in limbo" for over 4 years now... and it is a violation of the Constitution to interfere with the enjoyment of our property without due process of law... and for my family... ALL of our most basic Constitutional rights were completely trampled by those who knew of the issues in not only City of Greater Sudbury but, in my opinion, in our very broken "justice system" as well!
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