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I must say that I have mixed feelings on the role of the Ombudsman in matters pertaining to the issues here disclosed. Yes, I absolutely agree that there needs to be provincial oversight of municipalities to ensure they are following the law. However, that said, I must say that it is with "guarded apprehension" that I would welcome the return of the Ombudsman of Ontario with "expanded roles" to Sudbury. Let me explain...

When I first contacted the office of the Ombudsman of Ontario, I was given not one but two "not my job" letters and the Ombudsman's office did ZERO investigation into my allegations of violation of the law by enforcement bodies. They simply accepted what the Ministry of Municipal Affairs told them and in my opinion, just wanted me to "go away". Realizing that this office had only an "oversight role" but no power whatsoever to sanction, it was evident to me that no one was afraid of "the big bad wolf with no teeth" as CGS Council and administrators clearly showed all taxpayers when the Ombudsman was treated with basically no respect, given basically no co-operation and ultimately booted out in 2013!

I would welcome the return of the Ombudsman IF the newly proposed expanded role of oversight and investigative body was NOT PUT IN PLACE TO REPLACE AND/OR PREVENT AND/OR DELAY THE PROPER POLICE INVESTIGATION(S) INTO MATTERS OF BREACH OF PUBLIC TRUST AND A WHOLE LOT MORE. If this is the intent of the Province of Ontario, and the newly expanded roles of the Ombudsman would only be used to further "hide the truth" and/or prevent proper criminal investigations, then I think the people of Sudbury and Ontario would have to consider their options.

As such, I will keep my "guarded apprehension" in these matters until I see what the Province of Ontario is truly hoping to accomplish. If it is simply a cover-up of very serious issues and/or of potential breach of public trust and/or the protecting of powerful legislators and/or enforcement bodies and/or corporate officials... then I will be the first to say... "We need to push back! Cover-ups will not be allowed and/or tolerated!" Proper police investigations into these matters are long overdue and the Ombusdman should NOT be able to prevent and/or delay these much needed POLICE investigations. Preventing further cover-ups/hiding of the issues is why I chose to release everything to the public because forensic engineers are already indicating that - in these matters - the "iceberg is surfacing"!
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