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The simple answer... to force accountability and the proper addressing of the issues.. I almost ran for mayor 4 years ago... but, my research and documentation were not where they needed to be to disclose all to the public. I had also wanted to give enforcement bodies time to address these very serious concerns. As time went on, it became evident to me that addressing the issues was not something the government really seemed to care about and with the Elliot Lake mall collapse and subsequent inquiry and what was in my opinion my own personal "kangaroo court" which in my opinion attempted to hush the issues by not having a single comment and/or question allowed "at trial" prior to "a judgment" being given, I became convinced of the government's desire squash these serious public safety issues.

The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) and the CGS had limited me to ONE Freedom of Information request per year (in my opinion, to "stop the bleed") and, to me, that was taking away one of the most fundamental rights of a person in a free society - the right to question the actions of your government. A lot of blood had been shed around the world in the name of freedom and democracy, and this decision by the IPC and CGS was the one decision [in spite of the very incriminating documentation I had provided to the IPC] that was the single most important factor convincing me without a doubt that full public disclosure was a must. I refused to live under what I was seeing as a very dishonest and corrupt government - one where "public servants" wanted to hide and/or avoid the issues by simply saying: "not my job"... even when it clearly was! I was so disgusted by the many "not my jobbers" that my about 1,000 page file to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada (then, Rob Nicholson) and to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was entitled: " “Not My Job…” An Exposé In Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Fraud, Misplaced Loyalties, Negligence, and Resulting Liabilities".

By disclosing now, I hoped to allow voters PLENTY of time to understand the severit;y of the issues at hand prior to casting their votes. The many PROVINCIAL level issues and looming provincial election necessitated the issues be dislcosed to the public now! It was my opinion the "silent press" would continue to hide this from the public. To me - in a free society - that was unacceptable! [I did not expect raving "endorsements" in the press either!!! :o) ]
One of the files that went to CGS Police [The IPC received most of this info, too - and more!]





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