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A Reminder... for taxpayers... I quote:
"The financial costs of hosting the G8 and G-20 summits was the topic of several political debates and the target of criticism by local groups.[110] The reasons for the large price for both summits were questioned by some politicians and local groups. Members of Parliament Olivia Chow and Mark Holland labelled the initially claimed budget of $1.1-billion for hosting the summits as "obscene" and "insane" while others argued that the money could have been used for long-pending municipal projects in Canada,[111][112] " Source: Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_G-20_Toronto_summit

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Mr. Harper,

Next time, may I suggest giving your guests a true "feel" for Canada by having your conferences wwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up north!!!

Security would be a virtual "non-issue" and your guests could partake in the joys of "polar dips" in existing - truly Canadian - bodies of water, fresh fish, wonderful landscapes, etc. with minimal cost to taxpayers who can do without your "photo ops"!
It is those things such as "Harper's Folly..." which, however ridiculous, should serve as a very good reminder to taxpayers that there ARE FUNDS that could be used to address the issues that truly need to be addressed... taxpayers simply need to insist upon responsible government by voting out those who would engage in spending practices such as those exhibited by "Harper's Folly..."

So... let us remain calm, consider the issues, the players, the options... and go from there...
It all starts, however, with the election of responsible and competent officials - AT ALL LEVELS!!!





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