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I am providing you with my mayoral candidacy email address above. However, there have been persons who have told me they have sent me emails and I have yet to receive them and others who have yet to receive what I have sent. Given the many powerful political players that hav been aware of these issues for some time now (i.e., Prime Minister Harper, former Minister of Justice Nicholson, Minister of Justice Peter MacKay, Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, Office of the Attorney General of Ontario, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Professional Engineers of Ontario, Tarion, Ontario Building Officials Association, "The Silent Press" and the many other players, I am not surprised to see "problems with my communications" since so many are attempting to keep these issues from the public. Perhaps the Office of the Minister of Justice Peter MacKay could look into these matters of preventing free speech. :o)
The best thing the public can do is pass this information on to all other voters via Facebook, Twitter, etc., contact City Hall (705-671-2489), contact the press asking why this has not been disclosed and request a debate of the issues during the mayoral race.
For more on who knew what when (there are over 40 "players" in this nightmare follow "pink boxes" [Regulators, etc. What they knew...] http://www.majorstructuraldefect.com

See "Truss Troubles... The Players... The Liabilities" on the same link for the 40 or so players that fit into this.
Email showing Mike Whitehouse (former Sudbury Star Editor and now CGS mayor's "PR man") has known of issues since at least early 2011, yet - no disclosure to public. Why?
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