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Candidates For Mayor - When They Knew of Building Scandal Problems!!!
There are many who have known of the building scandal issues I have tried to make public on many occasions. Some of those who knew of problems for a very long time now, include persons now presenting themselves for not only "city councillor" positions but also for mayor. As such, the public has a right to know who knew of these problems... and when.

IF a candidate for mayor is NOT LISTED BELOW, it is because that candidate for mayor was NOT AWARE of the building scandal issues council has been hiding from the public for years! If a candidate for mayor KNEW of a potentially massive building scandal at CGS, in my opinion, voters should be asking that candidate what s/he did to look into these very serious matters!
Candidates For Mayor -
Ron Dupuis (current city councillor, member of CGS Police Board)
Candidates For Mayor -
Dan Melanson (former President of Greater Sudbury Taxpayers Assoc./GSTA)
For more on who knew what at City of Greater Sudbury (i.e., police, council, top administrators, etc.).. CLICK HERE..
Candidates For Mayor -
John Rodriguez (former mayor... person "in charge" when building scandal first surfaced in Sudbury... he kept this from the public until the day he left office!)
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Candidates For Mayor -
City General Auditor, Brian Bigger




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