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And Where Is CGS Police… (had my files over a year before even contacting me... and only started "investigating" AFTER the municipality KNEW I would be running for mayor)...

Those who are there to "serve and protect" (that includes persons and their property)...
In my opinion, the total lack of attention to this matter in the first place is proof that this is, in my opinion, organization with too many “conflicts of interest” to truly properly investigate the issues… and thus… a very NON-SPECIFIC “response letter”… from our new police chief.

Note: The “players” make it such that it truly was NOT the jurisdiction of the CGS Police to investigate these issues… the fact that First Nations, banks, insurance providers, etc. are involved… all make this an issue of FEDERAL JURISDICTION… as even former Finance Minister Flaherty himself could easily see via his response!

  1. CGS Police is accountable to CITY COUNCIL
  2. Mayor Matichuk and 2014 Candidate for Mayor Ron Dupuis both sit on Police Board
3. Bartolucci was Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing when my family’s nightmare started and he used to sit on CGS Council and so if previous and current councils failed to do their roles as outlined in Municipal Act, that would also be “a conflict” especially given Bartolocci’s former role as Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (overseeing all police agencies in Ontario, making him well known to all in “law enforcement”, including CGS Police (past and present).
4. Let's face it... who wants to really look into wrongdoing by enforcement bodies and open a very ugly can of worms...
And What About CGS Police??? There To "Serve and Protect"...
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