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On "The SILENT Press", "The Silent Auditor General of Canada" and "Elections Canada"...
The press has known of these issues for a very long time now... and by refusing to inform the public, in my opinion, is allowing names on the ballots that would most likely not be there if the public knew of this new scandal which impacts all of Canada...

Does the press not have a duty to disclose these matters of public safety and does it not become a party to fraud and/or breach of public trust (CBC is taxpayer funded) if it fails to disclose (i.e., mortgages, insurance policies, mortgage-backed securities, etc.)?

Mike Whitehouse, former Editor for the Sudbury Star (owned by Sun Media), was the first reporter I went to... when I wanted to go public, he had jumped to "PR person for City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Matichuk). Whitehouse knew of issues back in 2010! Why did the Sudbury Star not disclose these matters of public safety to the public... election after election, the Sudbury Star remained SILENT... and had the nerve to block my posts online when I attempted to inform the public!




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