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There is no doubt,in my opinion, that the press is not providing voters with much of what I have tried to communicate to the public and voters of Sudbury as messages are "edited" and much of the substance, in my opinion, disappears, replaced by a very general "accountability" message (something all candidates are running on)! The substance is then hidden online for those who have access and/or choose to bother to go read it (when available)... and let's face it... many who vote won't bother to see what the press left out... and/or are not heavy Internet users! The "press" has itself hidden a great deal from voters for a very long time now... see "The Silent Press" for a whole lot more on that issue! TAXPAYER FUNDED CBC AND SUDBURY STAR HAVE YET TO POST ANYTHING I HAVE GIVEN THEM - NOT SURPRISING SINCE FORMER EDITOR WHITEHOUSE HAS KNOWN SINCE AT LEAST 2010! Northern Life has now been provided with more documentation since this release to the public. Please SHARE IN FACEBOOK WITH OTHERS SINCE TOO MANY INCLUDING TAXPAYER FUNDED CBC IN MY OPINION DO NOT WANT PUBLIC AWARE OF THESE ISSUES!
Press Release I Gave To Sudbury Star, CBC and Northern Life (with 1 correction)
Press Release I - Northern Life's Version
BUT TAXPAYER FUNDED CBC & Sudbury Star (Former Editor Whitehouse knew since 2010) ... Still SILENT!!!
The Silent Press And Mayor And Much More...
Warning Letter...
"The Smoking Gun #1"
Admission of Guilt...
"The Smoking Gun #2"
History of a Problem
 at CGS Building Services
Who Knew What When at CGS...
Eye Opening!
"Fixes" (2) Proposed by CGS Building Serv. Constituted Numerous Violations of the Law!
2 MASSIVE Building Scandals Collide!
Titanic II - The Iceberg Is Surfacing!!!
As City Auditor, Brian Bigger could decide what to audit first - per this this info! He CHOSE to ignore this - and, in my opinion, worse, kept it hidden from the public for 5 years - only calling for an audit of building services AFTER the city knew I would be running for mayor and exposing this! Where is the compliance audit that should have been done for building services almost 5 years ago?


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 Knew When!