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Sudbury's "Bigger Problem"?
If someone informs the auditor general for a municipality that a local BCIN designer and truss sales rep had admitted to designing "hundreds of scissor truss jobs all framed the same way over a 9 year period" and this same "design" constitutes a violation of the Ontario Building Code in that it results in structures that have major structural defects, would it not make sense for that auditor general to immediately initiate both a compliance audit and an operational audit of building services to see if that department was indeed issuing building permits which should never have been issued given the structural integrity issues in the design of these structures? Not only would such a situation constitute a public safety issue, it would also constitute a potentially huge liability for the municipality. Even though Brian Bigger had been informed of this issue with building services in Jan 2010, no compliance audit was initiated. A compliance audit is one that looks at the law and then looks to see if the entity in question (here CGS Building Services) is in compliance with the law (Ontario Building Code, Engineering Act, Municipal Act, etc.) and/or in violation of the law. Not only was a compliance audit not done, but it very much appears that no other audit of CGS Building Services was done either - with an audit of "building permits" only now being proposed for the new City Council to be elected in the fall of 2014. City Auditor Brian Bigger is a man certified in "Risk Assessment". As such, he should have had an understanding of the implications of the issues that I had raised with him. If Brian Bigger failed to do his job as a City Auditor and/or person certified in "risk assessment", does Sudbury now find itself with a "bigger problem" when it comes to the impartiality, independence and/or integrity of the city auditor and/or his office if the municipality incurs larger liabilities because proper audits were not conducted in 2010? Brian Bigger - even as a mayoral candidate - has yet to mention anything of this issue of potentially "hundreds of structures" with major structural defects. Why is that? Could his lack of action in these matters from 2010 - 2014 not be viewed as professional negligence - something for which, if true, he could face professional discipline by regulatory bodies overseeing auditors and/or risk assessors? Does Brian Bigger now have a very "personal interest" in becoming - mayor? Why was I the one forced to do a compliance audit comparing methods/procedures/policies at City of Greater Sudbury Building Services to the Ontario Building Code/Act, the Engineering Act and the Municipal Act? As with so much pertaining to these hidden issues, in my opinion, Sudbury voters may have a "bigger problem" and not even realize it yet! In Oct. 2014, I obtained a copy of the "latest" methods/procedures/policies at CGS Building Services and they are in my opinion as atrocious as ever, meaning internal controls are virtually STILL non-existent!