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Sounds like a good idea to me, too... An Open Mic At City Council Meetings... Mr. Bigger... Now... Where Did I Hear That Before? :o)
I had been advocating for an open microphone at Council meetings when I went to Ward debates and/or spoke to the public while handing out flyers... and actually, I can prove that since it was also part of an email I had sent to someone who had asked me several questions as a mayoral candidate... so... imagine my "surprise" when I saw Brian Bigger advocating exactly the same thing in the Sudbury Star 10 days later (Sept 27, 2014 Sudbury Star article) than the date on this email... Hum... If "just coincidence"... fine. I'd even be fine with other mayoral candidates admitting to a great idea even if it might not have been theirs in the first place. :o)


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